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Fixed rate coming up?

Before you fix, check your options. Like switching power companies, shopping banks for the best terms and deals can save you $1,000's.

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Join 40% of Kiwis who use a mortgage broker

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Access to 20+ lenders

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How it works

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Get a Free review

Apply online and book your free mortgage advice call to see how much you could save.

Upload your documents

We’ll negotiate with NZ's top banks to get you the best deal and lowest rates. 

Start Saving!

Nice one, if it's good news, you'll likely receive a cashback and better rates and terms. 

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Why Refinance?

A.K.A switching your mortgage

Get a Cashback

Some lenders are offering up to a $10,000 cashback

Lower your repayments

Lock in a lower rates and instantly lower your monthly payments

Access home equity

Get extra cash for home improvements, debt consolidation, or more. 

Switch your loan term

Reduce your monthly repayments or save on the amount of interest you pay.  

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Time to switch banks? 

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Refinancing is a strategic financial move that can bring about significant advantages.

Refinancing is a powerful tool to improve your financial health—whether by consolidating high-interest debt, accessing your home equity for major expenses, or simply optimizing your loan terms to better suit your current financial situation. It's a chance to take control of your finances, increase your monthly cash flow, and pave the way toward a more secure and comfortable future. 

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Are you eligible to refinance?

Check if you're eligible

Are you wanting to reduce your repayments, get a cashback or access equity in your home? We'll review your current mortgage, financial situations and see how much we can help. 

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