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Mortgages made easy

You get better rates and can borrow more. We do it for free. 


Join 40% of Kiwis who use a mortgage broker

More than 40% of Kiwis use trusted mortgage brokers to get a better deal. 

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Access to 20+ lenders

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How it works

1. Get a free estimate

Start your pre-approval online and book your free mortgage advice call.

2. Upload your documents

We’ll negotiate with NZ's top banks to get you the best rates.

3. Buy your house

Nice one, if it's good news, you're ready to buy your new home. 

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How we help you

We do more than just getting the banks to secure you a home loan

Find the lowest interest rate

Get fast Pre-Approval

Negotiate better deals

Maximise your borrowing

Simplify the process


Let's start your mortgage

Are you looking to buy your first home, an investment property or refinance? We're here to help. Get your pre-approval started now - no commitment needed.

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